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ArtCenter Off-Campus Trip: California African American Museum and Lunch with Center for Student experience
ArtCenter Off-Campus Trip: Design/culture immersion, Beach Day with Center for Student experience

Center for Student Experience

The Center for the Student Experience (CSE) fosters a meaningful ArtCenter educational experience by engaging students in opportunities for learning, success, and happiness through programs and services that encourage character and identity development, personal health and wellness, social and civic engagement, and the search for life purpose and meaning. We tailor our services and programs to your needs, whether you’re an international student or a Southern California native; whether you’re entering with a college degree or a high school diploma. 


Staff can assist students in areas such as advocacy, health insurance, health and wellness programs, international travel insurance, personal counseling, student organizations, off-campus housing information, and disability support and accommodations. The CSE also advises international students regarding student visas, OPT and CPT, and student status.

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