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Representatives from Financial Aid; the Center for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion; Accounting; and the Center for the Student Experience will investigate solution options to provide one-time or temporary financial assistance to individual students who are experiencing severe, economic hardship and/or urgent unplanned emergencies affecting personal finances. Students who need information about possible financial emergency aid should email


Scope of service: All student cases will be reviewed on an individual basis, and is open to all students. Prior applications or awards of any type of financial aid may be considered by the Financial Emergency Aid Team, but should not prevent any student inquiry and might not be deciding factors. Funding for any financial emergency aid may come from donors, or from the College's operating budget (which is derived from other students' tuition and fees). Therefore, funding sources will be limited and there is no guarantee that any or all financial emergency needs will be met. Financial Emergency Aid will most often be provided as small one-time grant awards (will not have to be paid back to the College). Financial Emergency Aid awards will not be added to a student's expected income contribution for future financial aid considerations, but might be considered reportable income for U.S. tax purposes.



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