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Programs & Resources

We create and support collaborative and transformative activities in the service of the ArtCenter's values of DEI that are designed to break new ground through practice, scholarship and pedagogy.

Our Programs

The Center for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in Art and Design at ArtCenter involves students, alumni, faculty and staff, as well as external communities, in robust research, exhibitions, symposia, lectures and curricular expansion on issues of diversity, equity and inclusion in art and design.

Japanese Tea Ceremony / In partnership with ArtCenter Study Away, the Center for Diversity, Equity & Inclusion hosted a special event presented by the Friends of Shoseian Tea House in Glendale for “dou-gaku-jitsu” or “the philosophy, the academics, the practice” of the preparation of Japanese Tea
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Safe Zones

ArtCenter's network of allies - faculty and staff - in support of LGBTQIA+ students.

National Coming Out Day and Rainbow Flag Raising Ceremony held at ArtCenter College of Design South Campus rooftop


We celebrate the full spectrum of gender,  sexual expression and identity.

   Photography and Imaging, Faculty and Interim Department Chair, Everard Williams gives light meter demonstration to group of ArtCenter photo students.

The Collective

The Collective is a film and media leadership opportunity for undergraduate students.

ArtCenter student Creativists collect item donations for the Downtown Women’s Center while all wearing purple in honor of Domestic Violence and Dating Awareness Month.


Our Creativists are a team of activist-minded student workers.

The ArtCenter Caricature Club sketches young attendees of the Pasadena Black History Parade Festival


ArtCenter is rooted in Pasadena, CA  a world-class community of scientists, writers, artists and designers.

ArtCenter students pose in front of their campaign designs from the Designmatters “Game On: Inspiring a Healthy L.A. for 2028” Advertising Project in partnership with Cedars-Sinai Research Center for Health Equity


We work closely with academic departments and individual faculty to support ArtCenter's strategic DEI action goals.

How Can We Help?

The Center for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion at ArtCenter helps provide an array of services by partnering with various departments at the college.  Here you will find a partial list of some of the resources available to our staff and faculty as well as current and prospective students.

At ArtCenter we believe in an education that is customized to a student’s needs and goals. We hope you will visit us, spend time at our campuses, view our current students’ work, and become familiar with the accomplishments of our alumni and faculty.

ArtCenter is deeply committed to maintaining an inclusive community that values diversity and is supportive of students and employees. Part of this commitment is the work led by the Title IX Office, focused on providing an educational and working environment that is free of sexual misconduct in all of its forms, including sexual harassment.

Representatives from Financial Aid; the Center for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion; Accounting; and the Center for the Student Experience will investigate solution options to provide one-time or temporary financial assistance to individual students who are experiencing severe, economic hardship and/or urgent unplanned emergencies affecting personal finances. 


ArtCenter is dedicated to equitable business practices and the economic empowerment of historically underserved or marginalized communities.

ArtCenter holds diversity and inclusion as central values.  We recognize that sensitivity to cultural and learning differences is fundamental to providing an inclusive and safe environment which serves the needs of our whole community, and encourages respectful communication, interaction and behavior.

Employee Experience and Engagement (HR) is committed to ArtCenter’s mission, vision and goals and will serve as a collaborative, strategic business partner with the campus community to deliver effective HR programming to align with the College. 

Our Employee Resource Groups [ERG] bring together ArtCenter employees to build community in the workplace, based on shared interests, identity or life experience.

In addition to the institutional scholarship funds awarded to support diverse students in the ArtCenter Community, ArtCenter also awards donor funded scholarships through our Financial Aid Department.

Campus Resources

We invite you to explore the many resources available to the ArtCenter community. For the full list of support services please visit ArtCenter's main website.

Exiting the double doors at ArtCenter College of Design south campus.

The Writing Center, believes in helping students become confident and effective communicators within art and design.

The Hoffmitz Milken Center for Typography provides the tools for community members to celebrate and investigate the evolution of typography’s role in all forms of communication.

Center for the Student Experience  (CSE) provides the support services, advice and social activities essential to every student's ArtCenter journey.

We welcome you to visit and explore the ArtCenter Library and its website where you will discover diverse resources to inspire and help you conduct research.

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